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《第36個故事》預告|Taipei Exchanges - Trailer

《第36個故事》預告|Taipei Exchanges - Trailer

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Doris’s Café is a homey space where people could relax and enjoy the smoothing afternoon sun and daydreaming. The aroma of coffee and home-baked desserts fills the air. The café is meant to be as elegant as its owner, Doris, but has been turned upside down by her sister, Josie. Ignoring Doris protest, Josie starts exchanging goods with costumers in the shop. Objects of various kinds begin to accumulate; discarded by their previous owners, they prove to be treasures in the eyes of others. The activity of swapping goods upstages Doris coffee-making and becomes the biggest attraction of the shop.


One day, a mysterious man walks in by chance. He loves brownie with espresso and that happens to be Doris’ favourite combination as well. He brings 35 bars of soaps from 35 different cities in the hope of trading them for something special. Every time he comes in, he orders a cup of coffee and tells a story of one of the soaps. These exotic tales fill Doris mind with beautiful images and she materialises them in her paintings.


In the end, Doris is willing to swap her heart for these enchanting tales - she longs to see these cities with her own eyes…During the process of this exchange, what exactly does he get from the soaps on which his memories are engraved?

Taiwan  I  2010  I  Drama  I  Color  I  35mm  I  82 mins


Presented by


BIT Production Co., Ltd.





BIT Production Co., Ltd.







桂綸鎂  GWAI Lun-Mei 
張    翰  CHANG Han 
林辰唏  Zaizai LIN



2010‭ ‬ 台北金馬影展 競賽片

          Golden Horse Awards 
— Competition‭,

          Best‭ ‬Original Film Song 

2010‭ ‬ 釜山國際影展 亞洲之窗
         ‬ Busan International Film Festival

            — A Window on Asian Cinema‭

2010‭ ‬ 倫敦國際影展‭ ‬ 
          BIF‭ ‬London Film Festival 

2010‭ ‬ 夏威夷國際影展‭ ‬ 
          Hawaii International Film Festival‭ ‬

2010‭ ‬ 東京國際影展‭ ‬ 
         ‬ Tokyo International Film Festival‭

            — Asian-Middle Eastern Film‭

2010‭ ‬ 紐約電影音樂節‭ ‬ 
         ‬ CMJ‭ ‬‬Music Marathon‭ & ‬Film Festival 

2010‭ ‬ 印度果阿影展 競賽片
          International Film Festival of India

        ‭  — Competition‭

2010‭ ‬ 華語青年影像論壇‭ ‬最佳編劇 

2011‭ ‬ 泛亞電影節

         ‬ Pan-Asia Film Festival 

2011‭ ‬ 青年電影手冊‭ ‬2010年度十佳華語電影

2011‭ ‬ 北京國際電影季 
          Beijing‭ ‬International Film Festival 

2011  海峽論壇‭ ‬海峽影視展映展播周 

2011  兩岸電影展 

2011  福岡國際映畫祭‭

        ‬  Focus on Asia

          Fukuoka International Film Festival





監製 Executive Producer

侯孝賢 HOU Hsiao-Hsien

製片 Producer

蕭瑞嵐 HSIAO Jui-Lan

執行製片 Line Producer

王雲明 Michael WANG

編劇 Screenplay

蕭雅全 HSIAO Ya-Chuan

導演 Director

蕭雅全 HSIAO Ya-Chuan

副導演 1st Assistant Director

林怡潔 LIN I-Chieh

攝影指導 Director of Photography

林哲強 LIN Tse-Chung

美術指導 Art Director

李敦綱 LEE Tung-Kang

造型指導 Costume Designer

李采玲 LEE Tsai-Ling

剪接 Editor

陶竺君 TAO Chu-Chun

聲音設計 Sound Designers

杜篤之 TU Du-Che

郭禮杞 KUO Li-Chi

選角指導 Casting Director

李秀鑾 LEE Hsiu-Luan

電影配樂 Music Composers

雷光夏 Summer LEI

侯志堅 Chris HOU

電腦動畫 CG

陳明和 CHEN Ming-Ho

插畫 Illustrator

吳孟芸 WU Meng-Yun

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